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Best Primary Care Providers for Musculoskeletal Pain


Back, neck and other chronic pain are irritating ailments that no one wants to suffer through. Choosing the best healthcare professional for musculoskeletal complaints can be confusing, as Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists all seem to tackle the same issues. Importantly, they are all Primary Care Providers, which means they are accessible without a referral, and are usually covered by private health insurance. Finding the best fit for you, and your insurance, can be hard, so here is a breakdown of the differences between them.

Chiropractors are focused on bones, which they manipulate using Chiropractic adjustments to guarantee everything is in its right place. This can have a positive effect on shoulders, hips and various joint complaints. Chiropractic adjustments make changes in the body, usually by direct physical contact with various problem areas. The Chiropractic approach is great if the issue or injury is related to the dysfunction of joints and bones, which can get caught out of place. If the injury involves muscles to a serious degree, consider Osteopathy or Physiotherapy

Osteopaths are trained to understand and manipulate not just bones, but muscles as well. A good Osteopath will have an excellent understanding of pressure points, muscles spasms, and musculoskeletal issues in general. They use methods of message, Osteopathic adjustments and pressure points to treat complaints. Most importantly, a good one will know how to work gently. Osteopathy is all about the right level of pressure, at the right place.

Physiotherapists are usually oriented towards recovery from trauma and often work in hospitals as part of physical rehabilitation after serious injury. They take a holistic approach to treat injuries and chronic health conditions. They are specialists at helping people adapt after injury and change their lifestyles. They use exercise regimes, acupuncture, and various other methods that are tailored to the individual person.

For treating pain, the most important thing is to see a professional who is registered with the official associations of each practice. This will ensure correct diagnosis, and professional quality service.

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