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Health Insurance & Planning A Pregnancy

For those wanting to start a family, there is only one piece of advice to remember: get in early (pun fully intended).

Take out your cover well in advance of falling pregnant, as there are often penalties and fees early in your coverage. Most funds have a waiting period of at least two months before any cover actually begins and for pregnancy this waiting period is typically 12 months.

If you’re going to play it by the numbers, and you like a little risk, this means it would be wise to wait at least four months after buying your insurance before falling pregnant, so that your baby will arrive after the waiting period has concluded. Obviously, the less of a gambler you are, the longer you want to wait, as many babies are born premature.

If your timing is out, and you fall pregnant early, costs for medical care during your pregnancy may not be claimable – although the birth might well be. Check the fine print in your contract, and be smart about it. You may have health issues during your pregnancy that require special care, so better safe than sorry!

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